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Hebrew School Drop- In 

October 16th, 2019 is the first day of Hebrew School Drop In!


What is Drop in? Each week before Hebrew school, many students join us for snacks, games, and hang out time with their Am Shalom friends. It's sort of like recess before Hebrew school! We have a variety of kid friendly snacks, and each week we put together a contest that everyone can participate in! We keep your students in the social hall until it's time for Hebrew school. Check out this fun video that the drop in students helped to create last year for a Noah Aaronson contest!

What snacks do you have? Each week we order cheese pizza and parmesan bread bites from Dominos. We also have a variety of chips, crackers, juice, and fruit snacks.

How much money should I send my child with? Students don't usually come with more than $5. A piece of pizza is $2 a slice, and everything else is $1.

Can I pre-pay so my child doesn't have to carry money? Our weekly nosh program allows you to pre-pay for your student's drop in snacks for the year! The cost is $115 for the entire year and each week your child will receive $5 worth of snacks. It saves you the hassle of having to send your child with cash each week for drop in! For more information and to sign your child up, click here.

How early can my child arrive? Your child can join us as early as 3pm for Drop in. The majority of our students arrive after 3:30pm, but some students love to help us set everything up earlier and we will gladly take their help! =]

My child doesn't enjoy spaces with a lot of noise. Is there an alternate location for them during Drop in? Yes! We open up a quiet room that is staffed by some of our madrichol where students are invited to enjoy snacks and work on homework.

My child is a Kehillah Kid. What does that mean for Drop in? : If your child is a Kehillah Kid, they get a free snack each week at drop in. This can be a piece of pizza or a juice box or a bag of chips. For more information on our Kehillah Kid program, click here.

Please feel free to reach out with any additional questions! We are looking forward to an awesome year of drop in!



Tue, October 20 2020 2 Cheshvan 5781