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Our Lay Leadership

Am Shalom's Board of Trustees is comprised of a dedicated group of lay volunteers elected by the congregation at large. These individuals are dedicated to the temple and to Judaism and are willing to put their time and effort into improving our temple community through a sacred partnership with the clergy, staff and congregation.

Board meetings are open to the congregation; meeting dates can be found on our calendar. Please click here to read our bylaws.

2021-22 Officers

Randi Brill, President
Stephen Doblin, President-elect
Nettie Isenberg, Vice President
Hillary Meyers, Vice President
Maddy Kandelman, Secretary
Paul Kleinmann, Treasurer
Kathy Coskey, Assistant Treasurer

2021-22 Trustees

Amy Amdur
Erica Feinberg
Mark Gershon
Matthew Goldhaber
Chad Gruen
Susan Berger Kabaker
Kellie Klein
Sarah Levi
Diana Marcus
Terry Michaels
Merle Passis
Michael Perlberg
Zena Ronner
Dan Schwartz
Jason Zweig

Immediate Past President

Dr. Michael Blum

Am Shalom Past Presidents

Stanton Schuman, 1972-1974
Gilbert Shmikler, 1974-1976
Joan B. Pines, 1976-1978
Dan R. Roin, 1978-1980
Jerold L. Heisler, 1980-1982
David Benjamin Littman, 1982-1984
Marshall H. Frishman, 1984-1986
Norman B. Cutler, 1986-1988
Barry H. Kahan, 1988-1990
Daniel R. Lee, 1990-1992
James Goodman, 1992-1994
Raymond Gordon, 1994-1996
Nancy Marcus, 1996-1998
Robert I. Wertheimer, 1998-2000
Rick Strusiner, 2000-2002
Judi Gordon, 2002-2004
Ted Schaffner, 2004-2006
Randy Selig, 2006-2008
Lauren Strelsin, 2008-2010
David Rosenstein, 2010-2012
Mark R. Burnstine, 2012-2014
Barbara Breakstone, 2014-2016
Gregory D. Miller, 2016-2018

Sun, January 16 2022 14 Sh'vat 5782