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Am Shalom Facility Rental Policies & Procedures

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All Am Shalom events are subject to these rental policies and procedures. Please read through this page carefully before sending us any questions. 

Ready to submit a Bet Mitzvah room rental request? After you've familiarized yourself with these policies and procedures, you can click here for the Bet Mitzvah Celebration Agreement. Please note you must be logged into the Am Shalom website to access the agreement.

Contracting for Use of Facilities

  • Facility rental is contingent upon membership in good standing. All financial obligations (dues, building fund commitments, outstanding invoices) must be current or have valid payment arrangements in place. Please contact Zoe Sherman, Chief Financial Officer, with any questions about fees or for assistance with payment arrangements.
  • Facilities will be rented on a first come/first served basis. Facility rental may not be available on all dates due to holidays, congregation functions, etc. Families must fill out an online agreement and submit a deposit. Am Shalom will confirm in writing within 3 business days that the space is available and has been secured for your event. If your desired space is not available, we are happy to work with you on alternative options within the building.
  • Rentals are not guaranteed until you have received written confirmation from Am Shalom indicating that your contract and deposit have been accepted. (Do not contract with any vendors until you receive a written confirmation of your use of facilities or executed rental contract from Am Shalom.)
  • When your celebration involves three or more vendors, Am Shalom requires an event planner to ensure the proper preparation and day-of fulfillment of your event needs.
  • All event-related fees must be paid no later than 4 weeks prior to the celebration.
  • Facility rental is contingent on adherence to all Am Shalom policies, rules, and provisions as stated on the Am Shalom website, rental contract, and by directive of security or professional staff.  Congregant/renter also assumes responsibility for adherence by their guests and vendors.
  • You are financially responsible for any and all loss, damage, or destruction of Am Shalom property caused by you, your guests, or vendors.
  • Am Shalom reserves the right not to allow celebrations to take place if the following items are not submitted for approval at least 2 weeks before event date:
    - Final Menu
    - Final Schedule
    - Complete Vendor List
    - Complete, detailed description of all activities
    - Signed vendor agreements
    - Final floor plan must be submitted NO LATER than the Monday prior to event date. Floor plan must include complete description of set-up, including decorations and equipment, and is subject to approval.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Am Shalom reserves the right to limit all activities on our premises, including during private events.
  • Am Shalom also reserves the right to stop activities in progress if they violate any of the rules/policies described in this booklet and/or the rental contract.
  • All activities must be:
    - Safe and respectful to all participants and to our synagogue's facilities.
    - Appropriate for the celebration of religious life cycle events.
    - Consistent with the usage policies of our synagogue's facilities.

Security & Chaperones

Security and chaperones are required to be present for ALL services and celebrations (when applicable). Service chaperones are hired to maintain appropriate decorum and atmosphere during the service. Guests are expected to remain seated quietly during the service, refrain from going in and out of the Sanctuary, and follow any directions given by the chaperones. Chaperones will move (or remove if necessary) any guest.

In addition to the required service chaperones hired by Am Shalom, families holding celebrations on premises are also REQUIRED to have chaperones. These individuals are hired by Am Shalom at a negotiated discount; fees must be paid by the event host. This is separate from the room rental fee.

Security fees are determined by event type (Service Only or Service & Celebration). Chaperone fees are determined by the number of guests attending who are under 18 years of age.

Service and Celebration Chaperone Fees are determined by the anticipated number of students in attendance.

  • 1 chaperone for every 20 minors in attendance will be ordered on your behalf.

Am Shalom security personnel and professional staff reserve the right to remove disorderly guests from our premises. The parents of unaccompanied minors will be called by Am Shalom security personnel or professional staff if it is necessary to remove the minors from the premises. Only Am Shalom employees may directly remove persons from Am Shalom premises. Congregants/renters, and vendors must consult with the Am Shalom security personnel on duty for assistance if removal is required.

Minors must be supervised at all times during both services and celebrations.

Building & Premises

  • Congregants and their guests are expected to honor all Am Shalom rules, policies, and Glencoe Village and Fire Codes at all times and are responsible for behavior of their guests and vendors. 
  • Congregants, their guests and vendors may be asked to show proof of Covid vaccination, or a negative test taken within 24 hours of arrival on premises.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the building or anywhere on the premises.
  • Exit doors may not be blocked or propped open at any time for any reason. For assistance with temperature adjustment or building access, see Am Shalom Security or Maintenance staff.
  • Am Shalom does not assume any responsibility for the security of personal items stored or left in the building or on the property.

Fee Overview and Current Fees

Facility Rental Fees

Please click here for a complete listing of rooms and fees.

See above about security personnel and professional chaperones hired by Am Shalom for every service AND celebration, with fees to be paid by each family. 

For Families Holding Celebrations:

The Security Damage Deposit will be held in reserve to be used to defray costs of any damage to Am Shalom building or property, or in the event additional labor is required for clean-up that does not comply with contract.

Assuming no damage and satisfactory clean-up, the deposit may be refunded or applied toward congregant's account.

Caterer Fee
This fee must be paid by all caterers working in the building, in addition to any and all fees paid by congregant for rental of facilities and/or security damage deposit. This fee is used to maintain kitchen equipment and tableware.

*All fees subject to change prior to fully executed rental contract.

Set-up & Clean-up

All Am Shalom rooms, facilities, and equipment must be returned to the condition in which they were found immediately prior to your event.

Clean up of the space you rented includes the stacking of chairs, vacuuming, and the removal of any and all garbage from the premises.

The Am Shalom dumpster is not available; your caterer or servers are responsible for trash removal.

You are financially responsible for any required clean-up work not completed immediately following your event.

You are financially responsible for damage caused by anything other than normal wear and tear, even if it is caused by something not specifically delineated within this guide.

Set-up may be overseen by a designated Am Shalom staff member. Am Shalom reserves the right to limit decorations and/or any other set-up if they do not comply with policies or are likely to cause damage.

Am Shalom reserves the right to keep your security damage deposit, as well as to bill you for additional fees, should damage repair or additional labor to achieve satisfactory clean-up be required.

You are allotted 1 hour prior to service starting time. (i.e. 3:00 p.m. celebration set-up for a 4:00 p.m. service), allowing for 2.5 total hours.

You are allotted up to 1 hour following celebration end time. It is your responsibility to ensure sufficient staff at the end of your event for cleaning within the allotted time.

Am Shalom may modify time allotments and there may be clean-up and set-up overlap on days when facilities are used for more than one function.

Delivery and Pick-Up

  • All deliveries, pick-ups, unloading and loading of equipment and materials must be made through the kitchen alley door. No deliveries or pick-ups may be made through the front of building.
  • No vendor parking is permitted in the alley behind the building or the southwest parking lot. Violators will be towed at owner's expense.
  • No deliveries may take place after 3:00 p.m. on Fridays, unless for Shabbat dinner. No pick up or removal of party items is permitted on Sundays.
  • All items must be securely packaged and clearly marked with renter's name and date of event.
  • Thursday prior to event is the earliest time items may be dropped off.
  • Monday immediately following event is the latest time items may be picked up. Sunday is not an option for pick up. Equipment staging/storage is not allowed any place in the building other than the space contracted specifically for your event.
  • Equipment, decorations, etc. may not be stored in the building.

Furniture and Decorations

  • Layout must be submitted no later than 72 hours prior to your event date.
  • Congregation owned tables and chairs will be set up by our personnel prior to arrival of your caterer/event planner, according to submitted floor plan.
  • Community Court furniture may not be moved. (Other than tables and chairs used as part of pre-submitted floor plan, no Am Shalom furniture or decor may be moved.)
  • Modifications not contained on your submitted floor plan must be made by your caterer/event planner, not by Am Shalom personnel.
  • Am Shalom personnel will not set up or take down rental furniture or equipment, set or remove table linens, or set or clear place settings.

Photo & Video

  • Photography and Videography are allowed during lifecycle events from the back and sides of sanctuary, no flash or augmented lighting set up is permitted during the service.
  • Photographers and videographers must be approved vendors, must have a valid certificate of insurance and share their vaccination information or a negative test taken within 24 hours of working on the premises.
  • Any photography that disrupts the service, at the sole discretion of the rabbis and/or security personnel, will be stopped and may result in photographer losing vendor approval.

Scheduled Photographs

  • Time for photographs must be scheduled in advance.
  • Times immediately before or after a B'nai Mitzvah service or rehearsal are not automatic and may not be available.
  • All photography must stop 30 minutes prior to the start of a B'nai Mitzvah service.
  • If you want one of the rabbis, cantor, or other professionals present for your photographs, you must schedule in advance.


  • Shabbat services may be video recorded, by either Am Shalom or a privately hired videographer.
  • Am Shalom does not guarantee service videos. At present we do our best to share video from your service, however due to unforeseen circumstances, space limitations and technology/internet interruptions the complementary video cannot be guaranteed.
  • Augmented lighting is not allowed.
  • Stationary video may ONLY be taken from the BACK of the Sanctuary (or other service location.)
  • Am Shalom reserves the right to stop private videographers if they are not in compliance with these policies, or if, in the sole discretion of clergy or security personnel, they are causing disruption to the service.

Food & Beverage Policy

Menus & Food

  • No pork or shellfish may be served on Am Shalom premises, but otherwise food is not required to be kosher.
  • Foods served during Jewish holidays must comply with the congregation's observance as determined by the senior staff.
  • Complete menu must be submitted for approval at least two weeks before event date.

Outdoor Cooking Regulations
Per Village of Glencoe Fire Department 

  • Outdoor cooking may take place only in the southwest parking lot.
  • Am Shalom security will direct vendors on the day of the event.
  • A working fire extinguisher is required within 5 feet of the cook line at all times.


  • Alcohol may be served in moderation at private functions.
  • Proper insurance protection under the Dram Shop Laws must be submitted by the caterer or bar service no later than 2 weeks before the event date. 
  • Minors may not be served alcohol on Am Shalom premises. (The sole exception is allowance of a very small amount of ceremonial wine to be consumed during religious ritual and only if minor is accompanied by his/her own parent or guardian.)
  • Am Shalom security may remove any minor consuming alcohol, any guest who is over-served and may stop alcohol service if any of these situations occur.

Prohibited Items

  • Candy (unwrapped or loose)
  • Gum*
  • Popcorn
  • Nuts (due to allergies)

*No candy or gum may be served, distributed, used, or consumed during events. Wrapped candy ONLY may be given to guests as they LEAVE the building.

  • Am Shalom security and maintenance personnel are authorized to remove prohibited items.
  • If prohibited items are served, renter is solely responsible for all clean-up, which must be completed before leaving premises.
  • Renter is also subject to loss of security deposit, full costs for any further cleaning required or damage, and an additional penalty of $500.
  • Vendors serving prohibited items are subject to loss of vendor approval.

Decorations & Entertainment

The following items are prohibited:

  • Glitter
  • Confetti
  • Metallic tinsel
  • Rice
  • Dry ice
  • Pyrotechnic or similar effects
  • Fog, smoke, or haze
  • Any similar items (including simulations)

Nothing may be affixed to walls, floors, ceilings, furnishings, or equipment by any means that cause marring or damage (including, but not limited to: scotch tape, nails, tacks, staples, etc.)

Hanging anything (including balloons) from sprinkler heads, ceiling lights, or other fixtures is prohibited.

Paper or fabric used must be fireproof or fire resistant.

Lighting, sound, and stage equipment require pre-approval by the Director of Operations, and must be set-up under her supervision (or by an Am Shalom employee she designates.)

Only Votive or glass globe enclosed candles are allowed (no open candles).

Balloon arches, displays and any other large obstacles may not be set up across dance floor.

No decorations may block or impede fire safety equipment, pathways, and/or exits in party rooms, hallways, or pass-through areas at any time, for any reason.

No exterior doors may be blocked or propped open at any time, for any reason.

Use of gas-powered generators requires advance notice and approval by Am Shalom Chief Operating Officer at least two weeks prior to event. Gas powered generators must be kept a minimum of 25 feet from building. No additional fuel may be stored on site.

No amplified music is allowed in the courtyard.

No decorations or modifications are permitted in the Sanctuary, Sanctuary lobby or hallways.

Lighting & Electronic Equipment

No Vendors (or congregants/renters) may adjust lighting, AV, sound, or any other electronic equipment owned by Am Shalom.

Social Halls have five pre-set lighting scenes which cannot be changed and may only be set by Am Shalom staff. Adjustments to the pre-set scenes cannot be made.

House lights will be turned on promptly at the ending time of your event.

Post-Event Guidelines

Please follow the guidelines below to return Am Shalom facilities to the condition in which you found them.


  • Place Am Shalom chairs in stacks of 15, with one chair in front to brace each stack. (Am Shalom maintenance personnel will provide example if needed.)
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas.
  • Sweep all non-carpeted areas.
  • Tidy bathrooms (no refuse, party goods, etc.)
  • Remove all rental equipment and personal belongings.
  • Remove all party debris (i.e. prize packages, bags, boxes, etc.)
  • Remove all garbage from premises.


  • Remove all leftover food and beverages in your own containers. (Am Shalom property, including dishes, may not be removed from building.)
  • Remove bags of ice from freezer.
  • Wash, dry and properly return all dishes, glassware, silverware and utensils.
  • Scour and clean ovens and range tops.
  • Clean sinks, countertops and all other surfaces.
  • Wash kitchen floor.


1. While your caterer, party planner, serving staff and/or DJ may be expected to do any or all of this work, the final responsibility is the congregant's/renter's. Security deposits will be returned, or applied to your account (as indicated IN your contract) approximately two weeks following your event, assuming all policies and rules were followed and no charges against your security deposit, damage or clean-up fees, or other penalties are assessed.

2. The building may be used simultaneously by multiple renters, events and activities. Therefore, you may not have access to rooms or facilities not specifically part of your rental contract, and set-up/clean-up may need to be coordinated among different vendors. Equipment staging/storage is not allowed any place in the building other than the space contracted specifically for your event.

3. Additional time for set-up/clean-up, deliveries, later pick-up, or limited, short-term storage is not guaranteed, but may be arranged on a case-by-case basis through the B'nai Mitzvah Coordinator or Chief Operating Officer. Any special set-up or delivery arrangements must be made no later than two weeks prior to your event date.

Vendor Policy

All vendors working on Am Shalom premises must be approved by Am Shalom and are subject to all rules and policies outlined in this guide, as well as any direction given on-site by Am Shalom security or maintenance personnel.

All vendors must provide a valid certificate of insurance (COI) as well as a vaccination status or proof of a negative covid test taken within 24 hours of working on premises.

Notes for Congregant/Renter

  • Do not sign contracts with any vendor(s) until after you have received an executed contract or written confirmation from Am Shalom confirming your rental of facilities. (Receiving a service date alone does not guarantee available building facilities for celebrations).
  • Do not sign a contract with a vendor until you have confirmed with Am Shalom that they are an approved vendor.
  • If you wish to use a vendor who is not approved, please have them contact our Chief Operating Officer before you contract for their services. In order to receive approval, a vendor will be required to:
    • Complete a written agreement stipulating to all Am Shalom rules, requirements, and policies.
    • Provide copies of legally necessary proof of insurance and workman's compensation.
  • Congregant/renter is ultimately responsible for anything taking place during their event, including assumption of financial responsibility for any damage to Am Shalom property, even if damage is caused by their vendor(s.)

Vendors include any non-Am Shalom employee working for congregant, guest, or renter, including: event/party planners, caterers, waitstaff, DJs, musicians and other entertainers, florists, decorators, photographers, videographers, etc. Chaperones must be hired for any celebration on site and must be exclusively from our approved chaperone company, Mazel Scheduling Services.

  • Preferred Vendors have chosen to support Am Shalom through a financial contribution in return for promotion in this guide. We encourage you to consider these vendors, in appreciation for their support of the congregation, but do not require you to use them. Please note, however, while preferred vendors are not required, all vendors must be approved.

Notes for Vendors

  • All vendors must complete a separate signed agreement for every function.
  • All vendors and their employees must check in with Am Shalom security upon arrival and will be required to present identification as outlined in the caterer/vendor contracts as well as presenting COI prior to arrival and a vaccination status or proof of negative covid test within 24 hours of arriving on premises.
  • No vendor parking in alley behind building or southwest parking lot. Violators will be towed at owner's expense.
  • No equipment or materials may be stored in building.
  • No set-up or staging may take place outside of rooms specifically contracted for event.
  • No exit doors, paths, or fire safety equipment may be blocked at any time, for any reason.
  • Caterer Fee is $250/function.
    • In addition to being an approved vendor, caterers are required to pay this non-refundable fee separate from and in addition to any other fees/security deposits paid by congregant/renter.

Click here for the Social Hall floor plan

Social Hall may be rented individually or in combination. May be used in any combination.


Equipment Inventory

Tables & Chairs

  • 8 foot banquet tables: 15
  • 60 inch round tables: 25
  • 72 inch round tables: 21
  • Hi-boy cocktail tables: 6
  • Chairs: 1200
  • High chairs: 5


  • White dinner plate: 200
  • White salad plate: 200
  • Clear salad plates: 200
  • Soup cups: 200
  • Water goblets: 200
  • Wine goblets: 200
  • Coffee cups/saucers: 200
  • Flatware: 200 each (dinner fork, salad fork, dinner knife, teaspoon, bouillon spoon)

Serving Pieces

  • White sugar bowls: 15
  • Silver creamers: 11
  • Coffee carafes: 10
  • Water pitchers (stainless steel): 40
  • Salt/pepper shakers: 25
  • Bread baskets (round chrome): 38
  • Bread baskets (oval chrome): 7
  • Table number holders + numbers: 46
  • Easels: 4

Equipment, furniture, or supplies not listed above may not be available for use during Bet Mitzvah celebrations, even if they are owned by the synagogue, or rentable for other events.

Congregational linens are not available for private functions.

Equipment and furniture are not available for rental or use off Am Shalom premises.

In adherence to the congregation's commitment to environmental protection, we discourage use of paper goods and plasticware, but if they are necessary, please choose recycled and/or environmentally-friendly goods.

Service Enhancement Resources

In consultation with the Clergy, families are welcome to consider enhancing the service with additional music, creative siddur (prayer book), service supplement, or personalized program.

Music Enhancement

Please discuss with your cantor.

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