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Yahrzeit (Week of January 18, 2021)


Jean Flax, mother of Brian (Sarah) Flax, Douglas (Tsutomi) Flax and Daniel Flax, close friend of Rabbi Harold Kudan (12/24)

Sylvia Greengoss, 103 year old grandmother of Lisa (David) Bercu

Dr. Ira J. Bernstein, father of Larry (Julie) Bernstein

Daniel R. Lee, husband of Karen, father of Sarna (Steve) Goldenberg and Jessica (Paul) Guten, grandfather of Miles, Oliver and Wesley Guten, and Nora and Max Goldenberg

Shirley Schapiro, grandmother of Courtney (Jon) Sider (12/28)

Maryann Kahler Wilcheck, sister of Joyce (William) Gordon (1/5)

Gertrude Savitz, mother of Stuart (Amy) Savitz (1/6)

Robert Parmacek, father of Susan (Larry) Lieber and Julie Pluss (1/6)

Jan Pomerantz, mother of Michael  (Hanne) Pomerantz and Clare Pomerantz, daughter of the late Dr. Jack (Marcia) Melamed (1/8)

Gerald “Gerry” Entman, father of Leigh (Jason) Stulberger and Jenny (Jordan) Dolin (1/9)

Steven Schor, son of Joan (the late Sheldon) Schor, husband of Marci, father of Jared and Shelby

Brian Sicknick, U.S. Capitol Police officer

Aaron Kawer, father of Stanton (Andrea) Kawer and Lauren Mitchell and Mira (Bill) Duncan (1/18)


Joyce Abramson, mother of Hope Sheppard and Michael Rothman

Hymen Bashkin, father of Michael Bashkin

Leonard Blackman, father of Vivian Blackman-Nitzberg

Hyman Blumenthal, father of Marcia Fields

Beth Brenner, friend of Randi & Robert Zieserl

George J. Brown, father of Nick Brown

Ida Chaenko, grandmother of Denise Hoeflich

Nathan Cobb, grandfather of Robert Landsman

Miriam Davis, mother of Joanne Johnson

Helen Kane Fenig, grandmother of Larry Shapiro

Beverly Finnell, mother of Michael Finnell

Dr. William Firestone, uncle of Diane Firestone

Leona Genshaft, aunt of Joanne Johnson

Dorothy Getz, grandmother of Steven Rosenberg

K. Lewis Gilbert, father of Sandra Gerber

Mayer "Hap" Gillman, grandfather of Abby Starr Lewensohn

Mary Glashofer, grandmother of Lauren Strelsin

Florence Goldberg, grandmother of Linda Richter

David Goodman, father of Mitchell Goodman

Haskell Gordon, great-uncle of Judith Karmin

Manny Greenfield, father of Isadora Goodman

Louis Hammes, father of Jeffrey Hammes

Kenneth Handler, father of Karen Braun

William Kahn, husband of Susan Kahn

Jeanne Kahn, mother of Kalman Kahn

Allen M. Kahn, father of Jolie Kaplan

Mabel Katz, mother of Barbara Pearlman, grandmother of Lisa Pattis

Anna Kaufman, aunt of Lauren Strelsin

Herbert Kellner, father of Mark Kellner

Howard "Bud" Kerman, uncle of Richard Kerman

Harold Kerman, father of Richard Kerman

Jerome Kleifield, father of Judith Karmin

Maurice Landsman, father of Robert Landsman

Margie Levin, mother of Lynda Strusiner

Barry Lind, husband of Terri Lind

Bette Luber, former wife of Michael Luber

Louis Malow, father of James Malow

Michael Mitchel, father of Leslie Bond

Shirley Morris, cousin of Lynn Tatar

Louis S. Newman, father of Loren Newman

Arnold Powell, father of Vicki Newman

Belle Price, grandmother of Julie Pappas

Ezra Privman, step-father of Gary Gordon

Robert Reich, father of Allan Reich

Donald Reitzer, uncle of Diane Arnold

Beatrice Sherman, grandmother of Patti Levin

Anna Sigesmund, grandmother of Michael Sigesmund

Tillie R. Sorkin, mother of Sandra Lurie

Mary Ann Spector, great-aunt of Edwin Levin

Janet Rosen Stein, mother of Jonathan Stein

Donald Taitelman, father of Lisa Cohen

Arthur Weil, grandfather of Scott Weil

Isabel Winter, grandmother of Janet Krasny

William Wolf, father of Herbert Wolf

Arnold Wolfe, father of Jonathan Wolfe

Vladimir Abramovich Yukhvidin, great-uncle of Sonya Cohen

David Zager, father of Lawrence Zager

Frances Zaret, sister of Donald Zaretsky

Suzanne Zieserl, niece of Robert Zieserl

Tue, January 19 2021 6 Sh'vat 5781