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Yahrzeit (Week of July 19, 2021)


Fritzie Fritzshall, president of the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center and a Holocaust survivor (6/23)

Sidney Nathan Stafman, father of David (Ellen) Stafman (6/23)

Leonid Gayer, grandfather of Annie Raykher Rubenstein (6/24)

Martyl Rifkin Reinsdorf, wife of Jerry, mother of Michael (Nancy) Reinsdorf (6/28)

Sheila Daar, grandmother of Dr. David Daar (fiancee Courtney Goldman) (6/30)

Susan Adler, aunt of Jeff (Debbie) Wineman (7/1)

Teresa "Tessie" May Oxman, cousin of Lee Rubenstein (7/1)

Marvin Kozlov, brother of Carol (Gene) Barasch (7/4)

Russell Pearl, cousin of Scott (Deb) Weil (7/8)

Geri Cooper, dear friend of Dodie Perlberg (7/8)

Luisa Marina Tejada de Alzate, mother of Dr. Juan Carlos Alzate (Robyn Tavel), abuela of Lexi and Zoey (7/9)

Donald Rado, father of Wendy (Robert) Weiss and Susan (Philip) Brilliant, grandfather of Josh, Allie and Cody Weiss and Justin and Andrew Brilliant (7/12)

Jacqueline Livney, mother of Roland (Karla) Livney, grandmother of Sophia, Jessica and Alec Livney (7/13)

Jerry Richman, husband of Marcia Richman, father of Gary (Karyn) Richman (7/18)


Robert Abt, husband of Alice Abt, father of William Abt and Jon Abt

Louis D. Alpert, father of Edward Alpert

Joseph Arbetman, father-in-law of Marilyn Arbetman

Mary Badis, grandmother of Michael Kaufman

Ted Baer, father of James Baer

Morris Barasch, father of Eugene Barasch

Robert A. Barnard, father of Barbara Zechman

Selma Berkson, grandmother of James Zechman

Melvin Berlin, father of Andrew Berlin

Sylvia Rose Blackman, mother of Vivian Blackman-Nitzberg

David Buchman, father of Alan Buchman

Siman Tov Cohen, father of Yaffa Berman

Jennifer Cohen, cousin of Stephen Lieberman

Soralee Cohn, mother of Nancy Cohn

Catherine Crown, daughter of Sandra Crown

Hilde Deemar, grandmother of Stacy Deemar

Clifford Wayne Draluck, brother of Jeffrey Draluck

Bruce Scott Elenbogen, Ph.D., nephew of Gilbert Elenbogen

Arthur X. Elrod, father-in-law of Marilyn Elrod, grandfather of Steven Elrod and Barry Sheppard

Maurice Feder, father of Beth Engel

Dr. Bruce Flashner, father of Kimberly Flashner

Ernest J. Fleischer, brother of Judith Kolb

David E. Friedler, father of Eric Friedler

Arlyne Garten, mother of Sherri Dorman

Alan Gidwitz, cousin of Suzanne Wilhelmsen

Ronald Glink, father of Phyllis Glink Harris

George Goldstein, father of Jamie Buzil

Seymour Goldwyn, father of Jill Gordon

Bruce Robert Gordon, brother-in-law of Peggy Gordon

Judith Gordon, wife of Paul Gordon

Edith Gross, mother of Bonnie Atlas

Richard Heller, brother-in-law of Diane Heller

Gail M. Herman, mother of Gretchen Belmonti

Eileen Hirschtick, aunt of Terri Silverman

Anne Kanne, grandmother of Stephen Libbin

Stanley Lawrence Kaufman, father of Carol Kerman

Norbert A. Kominsky, Sr., father of Dorothy Shapiro

Fannie Lasser, mother of Alan Lasser

Fred Lederer, father of Jill Doherty

Laura Lee, mother-in-law of Karen Lee

Irving Lefkovitz, brother of Sig Lefkovitz

Adolph Levy, father of Jack Levy

Bill Luker, father of Vance Johnson

Edythe Marcus, mother of James Marcus

Sarah Mann Maslansky, mother of Marilyn Elrod, grandmother of Steven Elrod

Morton Miller, brother-in-law of Marnie Miller, uncle of Melissa Miller

Isadore Norensky, father of Joseph Noren

David Pearl, uncle of Scott Weil

Minna R. Pearl, aunt of Scott Weil

Jacob Peltz, grandfather of Jason Peltz

Lois Rogatz, mother of Mitchell Rogatz

Izzy Roshal, uncle of Joel Bernstein

Joseph Rudolph, grandfather of Susan Feldstein

Bruce Saipe, father of Meryl Levenstein, grandfather of Emily Perlberg

Ernest Schwartz, father of Anne Pearlstein

Beth Dana Shapiro, sister of Leah Gruen

Ron Sherr, uncle of Stacey Michelon and Jill Silverman

Joe Silverman, grandfather of Marjorie Rissman

Mile Stojanovich, father of Catherine Handelsman

Zvi Stone, father of Jay Stone

Morris M.J. Supowitz, grandfather of Michael Sigesmund

Richard Weiss, brother-in-law of Ilene Novack

Eleanor Wertheimer, mother of Douglas Wertheimer

David Zaretzky, father of Donald Zaretsky

Julius Zimberoff, grandfather of Jami Weiman

Fri, July 23 2021 14 Av 5781