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Yahrzeit (Week of March 20, 2023)


Scott Rubin, husband of Julie Rubin, father of Ben and Haley, son of Lois Rubin, brother of Marcey (Jeff Epstein) Stamas, and the late Linda (David) Richter, brother-in-law of Marc (Deborah) Silver, and Barry (Elizabeth) Silver (2/23)

Gregory Schott, cousin of Dana (Kip) Poncher, and Marshall (Sandra) Gerber (2/25)

Diane Marilyn Kleinmann, mother of Paul (Pam) Kleinmann (2/27)

Warren Brand, husband of Michelle Brand, father of Jessica (Nicholas) Bechly, Alyssa Brand, and Stephanie Brand, son-in-law of Cookie and Sidney Gross, nephew of Enid and Mike Callen (2/28)

Gregory Feldman, father of Inna Feldman-Gerber (Bobby Gerber) (2/28)

Betty "BGE" Eaton, aunt of Kim (Marc) Schwartz, and Cathy (Mark) Robbins (3/2)

Miles Chapman Velkavrh, grandson of Alan and Jean Chapman (3/6)

Paul Fischer, father of Mike (Rachel Nathan) Fischer (3/8)

Kaitlin Schaumberger, niece of Kathy (Irwin) Coskey and Steven (Ruth) Schaumberger (3/15)

Stephen Koch, husband of Barbara Koch (3/16)

Fira Nudelis, grandmother of Ilana (Alexander) Keisar (3/17)

Neal Barg, significant other of Janet Redstone Bernstein (3/17)


David Abt, father-in-law of Alice Abt

Arthur L. Aufox, father of Jerry Aufox

Jean Becker, grandmother of Robert Perlmutter and Stephen Perlmutter

Harry Berger, father of Sandye Lerner

Bob Berlin, uncle of Andrew Berlin

David Laemle Blumberg, father of Anthony Blumberg

Donald Breakstone, husband of Barbara Breakstone

Harry Brickman, Jr., father of Sheri Styles

Irene Pinsky Brody, mother of Michael Pinsky

Lillian Brown, grandmother of Bruce Buzil

Daniel Cahen, uncle of Louis Fine

Judy Imber Esterly, mother of Rachel Powers and Douglas Imber

Aileen Farber, aunt of Mindy Nadell

Suzanne Gaines, sister of Michael Callen

Susan Galper, cousin of Enid Rehbock

Lorynne W. Gillman, grandmother of Abby Lewensohn

Stephen Gold, father of David Gold

Bernice Goldner, grandmother of Adriane Szackamer

Rose Greenberg, mother-in-law of Roda Greenberg

Leah Haback, mother of Peter Haback

Thomas Harris, father of James Harris

Lucille Hecht, aunt of Lee Sussman

Sue Kahan, mother-in-law of Holly Kahan

Robert "Skipper" Kahn, father of Ellyn Mayer

Sylvia Kay, aunt of Wendy Mutchnik

Edith Keer, mother of Karen Rosenthal

Michael Kesselman, husband of Nancy Kesselman

Judith I. Kurland, mother of Charles Kurland

Marion Louise Lappin, mother of Andrew Lappin

Ruth Lask, great-grandmother of Beth Greenwald

Dr. William M. Lees, father of Marilyn Reinish, grandfather of Julie Gold

Sheila Mages, sister of Lili Ann Zisook

Diane Dunham Massey, best friend of Diane Firestone

William Meyers, father of Enid Callen

Shirley Michaels, mother of Terry Michaels

Jack F. Morgan, father of Lloyd Morgan

Robert Najman, father of Marla Fox

Beverly Feldman Novoselsky, mother of Karen Ptak

Richard Palmer, father of Randi Novak

Helen Polen, mother of Edward Polen

Rebecca Powers, mother of Albie Powers

Dr. Stanley G. Rabinowitz, father of Stacey Cantor

David Rosenberg, father of Jacqueline Peltz

Brandon Rotstein, brother of Jason Rotstein

Bernyce (Bobbie) Schaffner, mother of Ted Schaffner

Dr. Howard Schapiro, father of Morton Schapiro

Alex Scornavacco, cousin of James Belmonti

Karen Lee Shadur, sister of Beth Shadur

Mark Shamberg, cousin of Lynn Tatar and Jennie Weinstock

Louis W. Shapiro, father-in-law of Lloyd Morgan

Bernard Shapiro, father of Steven Shapiro

George Shapiro, grandfather of Larry Shapiro

Prof. Jordan Howard Sobel, brother of Shirlee Goldman-Herzog

David Kenneth Sommer, husband of Marilyn Sommer, father of Rabbi Michael Sommer

Robert “Bobby" Soroka, brother of Marilyn Levinson

Minnie Stone, grandmother of Marcia Fields

Dr. Irwin K. Styles, father of Mark Styles

Jennie Tatar, grandmother of Howard Tatar

Alice Tenner, aunt of Beth Engel

Ida Topel, mother of Steven Topel

Maxine Unger, dear friend of Enid & Ralph Rehbock

William Weiner, brother-in-law of Roda Greenberg

Paul Wenger, father-in-law of Ann Wenger

Mon, March 20 2023 27 Adar 5783