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Reading with the Abdulqaders

MaryamMaryam has started 1st grade  All of the volunteers are working with her on reading. She is recognizing letters and some words so we will keep plugging away.




RokanRokan is taking English classes and the volunteers work with her on her English as well. Rokan helps to read Maryam books on a daily basis. She is still cooking for the new company Fig and Honey with her sister Rokhash.




HusseinHussein is in his second year of preschool at Oakton in Skokie. His English has improved dramatically. He has made friends there and is working on skills to help him transition to Kindergarten next year. Hussein recognizes the letters in his name and we will be working on writing his name over the next few months.

Abdulrahman is still working at Beth Emet and is also working on his English.

Thanks to mentor Margie Pines for the update!

And the Winner is....
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