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There are so many ways to celebrate Chanukah with us this year! Tune in, log on, show up - we've got something for everyone.

First Night:
November 28

Celebrate Chanukah with the Reform Movement as we bring more light into the world through inspiring music, stories and teachings.

Tune in at


Second Night:
November 29

Light the candles with Am Shalom at "Almost Daily" Minyan


Third Night:
November 30

Candle Lighting & Donuts!

Join Rabbi Steve at the Braeside Metra station in Highland Park to light the Chanukah candles and take some donuts to go.

Mobile Menorah

Rabbi Steve and our Mobile Menorah bring Chanukah to you! 
10 slots available.

Fourth Night:
December 1

Join us as we light the candles in our Circle Drive with our Hebrew School students and families or tune in at

Fifth Night:
December 2

Candle Lighting at the Kotel
Join the Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism for a live event at the Egalitarian Kotel.

Register for ZOOM link

Light the candles with Am Shalom at "Almost Daily" Minyan.


Sixth Night:
December 3

Quit Loafing Around
Stop by for a challah and a Chanukah treat!

Tot Shabbat Chanukah

Join us outside for candlelighting, some Chanukah songs and a treat to go.


Multi-Access Shabbat Chanukah Service

Register to join us in person

Tune in via livestream or Facebook Live

Seventh Night: Saturday,
December 4

Chanukah @Home

ZOOM in with Rabbi Steve - and his impressive collection of hanukiyot - for a Chanukah candle lighting.

Many Candles, One World

Celebrate Chanukah with the World Union for Progressive Judaism.

Tune in via livestream

Eighth Night:
December 5

Chanukah Candle Lighting and Concert with Craig Taubman

Register to join us in person or tune in via livestream

Look up at the sky as we publicize the miracle!

We're excited to once again share our unique menorah, which can be found along our Circle Drive. This special menorah has two functions: to spread light throughout the holiday, and to serve as collection bins for a holiday donation drive. Each bin/candle is tied to an item requested by eight partner organizations.

The name of the holiday, “Chanukah,” derives from the Hebrew verb meaning “to dedicate.” Each night we dedicate ourselves to a different Jewish value or mitzvah.

The menorah is open for donations now through Friday, December 10. Come by any time to drop your donations, or use the links below to ship directly to our charity partners - make sure to select the gift registry address at checkout.

Candle 1
Northwestern Settlement House

Tonight we dedicate ourselves to the mitzvah of hachnasat orchim, welcoming others. Hachnasat orchim reminds us to be hospitable and caring of others.  

Items Needed:
NEW/unopened laundry detergent

Donate Now via Amazon Wishlist

*The link above takes you to Northwestern Settlement House's full wish list. Feel free to shop any/all items!

Candle 2
Connections for the Homeless 

Tonight we dedicate ourselves to the value of nedivut, generosity. Nedivut reminds us to have a giving heart.

Items Needed:
NEW razors/shavers

Donate Now via Amazon Wishlist

Candle 3
Share Our Spare

Tonight we dedicate ourselves to the value of rachamim, compassion. Rachamim reminds us to be non-judgmental in our giving.

Items Needed:
Larger sizes and
Pull-ups most urgently needed

Donate Now via Amazon Wishlist

Candle 4
Evanston Animal Shelter 

Tonight we dedicate ourselves to the mitzvah of tzar ba'alei chayim, the ethical treatment of animals. Tzar ba'alei chayim reminds us to value the lives of all living creatures.

Items Needed:
Canned dog &
cat food

Donate Now via Amazon Wishlist

Candle 5
Madonna Mission 

Tonight we dedicate ourselves to the value of b'tzelem elohim, seeing all humans as created in the image of God. 

Items Needed:
NEW/unopened  full-size shampoo, body wash & body lotion

Donate via Amazon Wishlist  

Candle 6
Midwest Veterans Closet

Tonight we dedicate ourselves to the mitzvah of kavod, respect. Kavod reminds us of the honor due to every human being.

Items Needed:
Condiments: NEW/unopened,
full size ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise 

Donate via Amazon Wishlist

Candle 7
Glencoe Community Garden 

Tonight we dedicate ourselves to the value of shmirat ha-teva, guarding nature. Shmirat ha-teva reminds us to protect our natural world.

Items Needed:
Lettuce Knife & Shears

Lettuce Field Knife 

Grape & Tomato Shears

These can be shipped to Am Shalom!

Candle 8
The Sports Shed 

Tonight we dedicate ourselves to the mitzvah of shmirat ha-guf, caring for the body. Shmirat ha-guf reminds us to treat our bodies with honor and love. 

Items Needed:
New and gently used sports equipment (tennis racquets, golf equipment, hockey gear, skates, team sports gear, equipment bags)

Brush up on the Chanukah blessings and get into the holiday spirit!

Fri, December 3 2021 29 Kislev 5782