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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities deepen the bonds within the Am Shalom community.  We consider our members partners in our collective effort to strengthen Jewish life for our community. We encourage each person to contribute their skills, passions, and resources to whatever level they can. There are many ways to volunteer – in community-building events, social justice opportunities or project work. We've further identified these opportunities as: One Time Opportunities, Ongoing Projects and Ideal for Families. Below are some of the opportunities from which to choose:

AS LibraryThe library is staffed by volunteers. We choose and process new books, promote reading, keep the shelves and online catalog in order and follow up on checked out books.

ARZAOur support of ARZA, which represents Reform Judaism in Israel, helps to strengthen our values of religious pluralism, rights of women and a stronger democracy in Israel.

Chesed logoTo extend the reach of the clergy through follow up calls and visits with congregants who are in the hospital, nursing facility or homebound, and provide support for caregivers.

GCG logo

Amazing things happen at the Glencoe Community Garden, whose motto is "We Grow it, Give it to those in Need and Compost the Rest!" The GCG is a social service project for all ages and abilities!  

Opportunities that you can choose to partipate in once or as many times as you wish!

These opportunites enable you to work on a project or event until its end!

Opportunities for families to come and volunteer together.