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The Am Shalom Mitzvah Information Bank

The Am Shalom Mitzvah Information Bank is intended as a starting point for students and families looking for a mitzvah project.  Examples of projects are given but feel free to design and propose your own to these organizations or others that have particular meaning to your family. We encourage you to share your successful project ideas with us so that we can add them to this database. Contact information was correct at the time of publication but can change.  Regarding the symbols, fundraising ($) can include volunteer hours, the distinction is the hands on symbol (Δ) below means that organization has onsite volunteer opportunities. Organizations are listed alphabetically under each heading.  Most of the organizations are 501(c)(3) not for profit charities.  You are encouraged to do your own due diligence for each organization and Charity Navigator is a great resource. Many of the organizations listed are in the Chicago area.  For additional volunteering resources check

Key to symbols: $ =donations of money or goods needed, Δ= hands on volunteer opportunities.

Categories include:

Hunger, Health, and Human Service






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